I’ve been on a mission lately with my barbecuing. I love to grill. Love it. Seriously. I’m the type of person that walks into the hardware store or what not, and just wants to take every bbq accessory home. Alas, I could not afford to do this, so I want to prove to my self that the only, I repeat ONLY, bbq accessory the amateur home cook needs is a Stephen Weber 22 1/2 inch kettle grill. Period. No fancy gas grill, no smoker, no fire pit, no brick oven.

So, step one to prove this to myself was to make the perfect rib. I wanted to see if this could be done before attempting fish, porterhouse steaks, pork shoulders, etc. Here is what went down on this 1st day of the beloved month of June.

I payed a visit to the butcher at Eastern Market and procured the biggest rack of spareribs I could find. Big, meaty, spareribs (skirt intact!). Mmmm. I seasoned them and let them rest overnight with a traditional BBQ dry rub. Rub =

  1. Garlic Powder
  2. Kosher Salt
  3. Black Pepper
  4. Cayenne Pepper
  5. Paprika (we actually have hot paprika brought back from Hungary…Thank you Gattis family)

This is what it all looks like massaged into the ribs:

Good stuff, eh? Anyway. That dude chilled out over night.

For this beast of a rack of ribs, I’m used the trusty old indirect grilling method. I heated up a half chimney of charcoal briquettes (no lighter fluid, please) and spread them evenly in the bottom of the weber on either side of a aluminum drip pan. I then sprinkled a handful of woodchips (hickory) on each section of charcoal. The wood chips needed a good soak in some water for about an hour so they would give off plenty of smoke. I placed the rack of ribs on the grill grate over the drip pan. I then sat outside for an hour drinking lemonade while it did it’s thing.

An hour later, I replaced the charcoal, flipped the ribs, basted with sauce, and added more hickory. I covered the beast up for another hour. Oh, and drank more lemonade. Key. After two hours, it was rib glory. I used a vinegar/tomato bbq sauce from local restaurant, Rocklands. It was light enough not to overpower anything. I just basted the ribs every 30 minutes or so, and then added some at the end. Margaret complemented this beautiful rack of ribs with corn grilled on the leftover coals (in the husk) and some of her famous potato salad. Money shot:

In the end, it was delicious back yard bbq fare. For my next project, Im doing pizza. Check back for that soon. Pizza will be followed by Red Snapper and then, the big kahuna, pork shoulder. Sundays were made for grilling.


3 responses to “Ribs!

  1. Well done. Grilled pizza is always a hit. Perfect for guests because they can customize it and it’s cheap! Sprinkle some rosemary or Italian seasoning and sliced fresh garlic in the flour for a flavor kick. booyah

  2. Mario Batali has a new book out about grilling! His picture is tacked up in my cubicle.

  3. Mario Batali is a beast of a man, Anita. I plan on picking up his book next time I’m in the book sto’.

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