Saturday was a great adventure for the M and I. We took our bikes out to the suburbs (gasp!) of Bethesda for an exhilarating ride on the Capital Crescent Trail. After the amazing ride, we were famished in Georgetown. After some serious window shopping, we came upon Tacklebox, the sister restaurant of Hook. Tacklebox is modeled after your favorite fish/lobster shack at the beach. The food is simple fair, but the real emphasis is on the sustainable seafood they put in front of you.

I had the fried clam bellies with a side of coleslaw and handcut fries. M had the grilled bluefish (absolutely amazing!), sweet potato fries, and coleslaw. Both plates were washed down with house lemonade. The food was a tad pricey, but that’s to be expected with the quality of the seafood. The restaurant does lobster pots (40$ per person!) that include clams, veg, and sausage for the right Georgetown person with a disposable income and no culinary talent. Overall, I give tacklebox a solid A. Good times…although a full stomach of fried clam bellies made the ride home a bit uncomfortable.


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