Grilled Pizza

So the weather was a big downer today with storms DC and even tornadoes in the dreaded ‘burbs, so no outdoor grilling took place. I opted to go through with my grilled pizza experiment on the indoor grill pan. I used a store bought (gasp!) dough round. I just asked my handy Harris Teeter pizza makers for their goods, and they forked it over. $1.99, you can’t beat that. For toppings I went with a scant amount of basic canned unsalted tomato sauce, kosher salt, red pepper flake, torn leaves of sage and basil from the garden, hot italian sausage, red pepper, cremini mushrooms, and fresh mozzarella. When topping a grilled pizza, have a light hand. You don’t want to encumber the dough and make it crack.

Once the dough was in a relatively square shape, I oiled the top with olive oil and sprinkled some kosher salt on top for flavor. I flipped it over on my grill pan that had been pre-heating for quite some time on medium high heat. Now, you just chill out. Let the dough bubble up a good bit and start to smell like burning bread. Once the bottom gets a little brown/black and crispy, lift it off the grill pan. I lowered the heat of the grill pan to low, flipped the pizza over, topped the grilled side, and put it back on the grill pan raw dough side down. I then made a little tin foil tent to speed up the cheese process and cooked it slowly until the bottom crisped up and the toppings were warm.

Delicious! It certainly would of been better / faster paced if done outside on the Weber, but hey, you gotta work with the weather.


One response to “Grilled Pizza

  1. Hello, Love the blog. I just grilled some pizza on the BBQ and thought I would pass it on. Please come by and take a look when you have a chance and let me know what you think.



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