Indian for hump day.

It’s hump day. Hooray. Time for a mid-week celebration meal. A good friend of the M and I, Adam W. Montjoy, was in town scoping out his new digs for graduate school, so I decided to cook him up some curry. I love working with lamb, so I decided to do a lamb and tomato curry. Unfortunately, I did not want to take on the expense of buying multiple Indian spices to make my own sauce, so I went with a simple jarred sauce.

The curry simmering sauce was a tomato and onion one that I got down at the Harris Teeter for about 5$. For the lamb, I went with a lamb shoulder roast, mainly because of it’s price. At 1.5lbs, it was a steal for 8$. I cut the lamb into one inch cubes, seasoned it with salt, pepper, cumin, and curry powder, and then I browned it up over high heat in my trusty cast iron skillet. After it was nice and brown, I tossed in some sliced onion (yellow). Then came the entire jar of cooking sauce. I added in a bit of water to thin it out (which could of been avoided since the liquids doubled after simmering), covered the skillet, and lowered the heat. I let the shoulder meat simmer in the sauce for 90 minutes or so. The shoulder is naturally a tough cut of meat (I mean, hey, it’s a shoulder. It does a lot of work.), so It needed time to tenderize while simmering.

After 90 minutes was over, I pulled the top off the skillet and smelled the goodness. Everything was a nice consistency and smelled great. Next, I added a can of chick peas (garbonzo beans) for texture followed by a heaping handful of freshly chopped cilantro. Mmmm. I served everything along side some basmati rice and thick whole wheat pita wedges to sop up the juice. If only they sold naan in packages…(well, actually they do…check the frozen bread section of your local Trader Joes…).

We washed everything down with ice cold beer and an ice cream sandwich followed dinner. Indian cuisine is a very simple cuisine to prepare at home contrary to popular belief. All of the ingredients are low budget, and when they are thrown together, they have a comforting taste. The only thing I would recommend is cooking with open windows and good ventilation. Your house will smell like food for weeks if you don’t.


2 responses to “Indian for hump day.

  1. what’s so bad about your house smelling like Indian food?

  2. This dinner was delllicious.

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