Grilling with friends

Some friends of the hungrykyle came over to the house this past Sunday for grilled meat and veg.  Those in attendance included buckleybroomlegs, ms. green tea and gelato, the binrocker, and aaron T. benko.  We kicked things off with a few appetizers and beers.  One of the more notable items on the snack list were some Spears of Influence produced by Rick’s Picks.  These tasty cumin scented morsels were a great way to get the taste buds geared up for some brats and veggie kabobs.  If you live near a Whole Foods or other specialty market, I highly recommend seeking out Rick’s pickled delicacies.  I don’t know Rick personally, but I do, however, know his brother, TheGurglingCod, all too well.

Anywho…the hot charcoal fire was quenched with bratwursts and some delicious vegetable kabobs that Margaret whipped up.  She also put together a shaved carrot and fennel salad with some tasty vinaigrette.  All of this was washed down with the champagne of beers.  A spur of the moment ice cream truck run was made by M and A. Benko.  Overall, a highly delicious end to what was a rather droll Sunday.  Nights like these make me want to savor the summer through and through.


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