The best fried chicken, ever!

So to celebrate a small occasion, I drug the Margaret out to the Hitching Post. The Hitching Post is a small family owned restaurant in the northern part of the city. Its focus is on the great soul food dishes that the husband and wife owners have been turning out for 40 years. From all the reviews I read, everyone said “split the half fried chicken dinner”. And boy, did this place make me rethink any previous notions I had of good fried chicken.

We walked in and looked at the menus after being seated. I immediately scanned the menu for the half fried chicken dinner, and I found it relatively quickly. For $11.75, you get “half” order of fried chicken and two sides. We decided to go with french fries and cole slaw. Oh, and some budweisers, please.

I was warned in advance that the chicken was fried to order, so it takes a while for the food to come out. It took about an hour, but it was well worth it. I watched as the owners cut up chicken, carefully dredged it, and then fried each individual piece. They also got 4 potatoes and sliced them up for the french fries. Certainly, this all takes time.

Finally, our food came out. My mental state was then thrown over board. Our server delivered not one, but TWO plates of fried chicken to our table. We had a total of 8 pieces. I don’t know what kind of chicken gives you 8 pieces in a half, but whatever. Then the sides came out. The cole slaw was creamy, but deliciously fresh and crisp. The fries, hand cut, were also delectable and piping hot, but of course, the chicken stole the show. It was crispy. It was seasoned well. It was moist. It was not greasy. It was heaven. Topped off with some hot sauce, it was a chicken lover’s dream. Then, the owner of the restaurant approached our table with ANOTHER PLATE OF CHICKEN. She brought out two drum sticks and said, “you all don’t have enough dark meat”.

Let’s recap. For $11.75, we got 10 pieces of perfectly fried chicken, 4 potatoes worth of fries, and a heaping bowl of slaw. Wow. Margaret and I each had enough food for lunch at work today. Amazing. What I also got in the price was a nice quiet hour with Margaret listening to the wonderful soul/R&B tunes on the stereo while waiting for our chicken. What a night!


4 responses to “The best fried chicken, ever!

  1. Your facial expression suggests “serious fried chicken.”

  2. I want that fried chicken more than life. We’re going to THP first thing when I move up in August.

  3. There is not enough dark meat in the world for me. Did you ever have chicken from Mac’s on Main in columbia?

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