Eatin on the cheap. Part two.

Take this as another entry in my cheap dinners strain or what have you.  This week, the local grocer had a sale on another budget cut of meat, the london broil.  The london broil is a very economical, and if cooked right, tasty hunk of animal protein.  Actually, for those who are testing my knowledge, a london broil isn’t really a cut of meat.  It just refers to a preparation.  The meat can either be from the flank OR the top round (shoulder) section of the cow.  Either way, it qualifies as a london broil.  I think more often than not, they are shoulder cuts as the flank is usually more expensive these days.  I believe mine was from the shoulder.  Any who, london broil was yet another steak from my childhood, so it brings back memories of week night dinners with the family.

I marinated mine in some soy sauce, garlic, hot sauce, salt, pepper, and jalapeno slices for about an hour before cooking.  I preheated my broiler to high and let it stay that way for 15 minutes before doing anything (you HAVE to get a broiler super hot for it to do it’s purpose).  I placed the steak on a cookie sheet, popped it in the broiler for 6 minutes a side, and then I let it rest for 5 minutes (crucial if you want your steak to actually taste juicy).  It sliced it against the grain to a spectacular (and photogenic =) ) presentation.  I decided to make this a real American meal by serving it with baked potato and caeser salad.  Yum.


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