Little man, little mun

Margaret and I have a new fixation in our life.  Meet the newest addition to our family!  He is a 6 month old medium long haired / tabby cat that we adopted from the local humane society.  We brought him home (finally!) this Friday.  We’ll be spending the weekend socializing him, playing, and getting used to being pet owners.  Faithful readers of the blog, expect many a post from this weekend due to the fact I will be inside all day and cooking.  Hopefully a trip to the farmers and fish markets tomorrow will yield good results.  Cheers to the little guy!

What should we name him???


5 responses to “Little man, little mun

  1. That’s the littlest man in the world.

    You should name him Robespierre.

  2. Awww, Adam W. Montjoy – American revolutionaries are better than French ones! I say, name him Jefferson 😀

    No, seriously, that cat looks like a Jules.

  3. He looks like a Jesus to me.

  4. His name is Raymond. As in I. Raymond. Ian. But you can call him Ray.

  5. The only good role Tim Robbins has played was in the Shawshank Redemption.

    Well, maybe he still does a good job; but he sure does play unlikable characters.

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