Pad mai Thai

Pad thai is one of those dishes that I absolutely adore, but I have yet to perfect it at home.  I can procure all of the key ingredients:

  1. rice noodle
  2. shallot
  3. garlic
  4. green onion
  5. bean sprout
  6. egg
  7. protein (chicken, shrimp, tofu, etc.)
  8. peanuts
  9. cilantro
  10. lime
  11. carrots

All of those things are essential to a good pad thai.  What’s also essential is a damn good sauce.  A real, authentic pad thai sauce should contain palm sugar, tamarind pulp, vinegar, and fish sauce.  I’d love to take the time to make my own pad thai sauce, but unfortunately, that would require a trip to the specialty asian food store in the burbs.  Given that it was a Friday night and I was hungry, I didn’t have time for that.  I took all of the 11 above ingredients (chicken for the protein) and cooked them up in a wok.  Everything was tossed with a simple store bought pad thai sauce (I just used the Thai Kitchen brand).  Granted, the sauce in a jar tastes NOTHING like the sauce you get at a thai restaurant, but hey, it does the trick.  It’s just to vinegary and has more of a citrus taste.  Real pad thai sauce has no citrus taste at all.

The pad thai was plated with some regular ole’ store bought egg rolls.  I’m excited that I have left overs for lunch tomorrow.


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