You can’t buy them in DC, but hell, you can make em.  Margaret brought home a box of Cafe du Monde beignet mix from her last trip to New Orleans.  You just mix 2 cups of the mix with 7 oz of cold water, and then you work it into a dough.  You roll the dough out into a thin tube and cut into chunks.  Deep fry the little guys in 370 degree vegetable oil for about 60 seconds per batch (3-4 at a time).  Sprinkle immediately with powdered sugar and eat.  Thank you Janie for modeling them so kindly.


4 responses to “Beignets!!!

  1. Did you have some Cafe du Monde coffee to go with them? Oh man, one of my old roommates used to make these bad-boys almost every Saturday morning.

    Best. Roommate. Ever.

  2. Adam beat me to the punch. We drink CdM coffee all the time. they grind up chicory with french roast for a dank brew.

  3. Unfortunately, I no longer drink caffeinated beverages, so I’ve never had the du Monde coffee, but I’ve seen a few cans around the house due to Margaret’s travels to the source.

    Adam – I’m impressed that your roommate deep fried things every morning. ..

  4. Oh, there are beignets to be had in the DC-area. You just have to hunt for ’em…

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