Independence Day

Was an American Blockbuster smash hit.  It’s also a holiday that merits grilling.  Grilling I did.

M and I had friends and family in town for the holiday (what’s more American than grilled meat and fireworks in the nation’s capital??? Nothing.)  We went with a taco bar.  Yup.  Mexican food on Independence Day.  Don’t judge.

For the protein (animal), I grilled skirt steak, chicken, and shrimp.  I also threw onion and pepper skewers on the grill for the vegetarians (they also had black beans for protein).  To compliment the taco bar, we had cheese, tortilla, sour cream, hot sauce, fresh salsa (thanks Leah), asiago dip (Leah as well), guacamole (M’s famous), rice, and shredded cabbage.  Plenty of beer as well.  Quite the feast, but guess what?  I didn’t take any pictures of the food!!!

It was raining outside, my poor cat was in the hospital, there were people everywhere in the house, and I was on the spot to produce a delicious meal, so I forgot the camera.  This is all I’ve got.


4 responses to “Independence Day

  1. For the record, I’m glad you provide recipes with meat. You know – it seems like all of my friends are slowly succumbing to vegetarianism. Now that’s fine and all, but I view vegetarianism as a sort of ill founded personal sacrifice (unless, of course, the person doesn’t like meat in the first place). Think of all the flavors they’re missing out on – all the dishes! Oh, life is far too short to give up the goods.

  2. Why would you call it ill founded? Some people find the slaughter of animals for human consumption as unethical and unnecessary.

    I obviously am not one of those people, but I do realize the sad plight of animals that end up in factory farms. When possible (and affordable), I try to buy meat that is natural, humanely raised, and if available, grass fed. I also avoid buying meat from places like Wal-mart or Costco (I don’t buy anything from Wal-mart anyway – and actually, I’ve never been to Costco).

    I don’t think eating meat makes me a bad person, but I can certainly respect the views of people who choose not to partake in the bloody goodness (and boy is meat good…). Is vegetarianism unnatural? perhaps. Is it boring? it can be if you aren’t adventurous…but so can meat eating. Is it ill founded? I’m going to say no.

    Just so long as my vegetarian family and friends don’t berate me for eating meat, it’s cool and the gang.

  3. Oh I completely understand where you (along with the animal rights people) are coming from. I simply meant “ill founded” in the realm of the taste of food. :-D.

    Like I said before, I have absolutely no problems – zilch! – with vegetarians. I just think they’re missing out on some amazing foods and flavors.

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