Farmers Market Loot (week of July 13)

Every Saturday, I typically go to the H ST Fresh Farm Market (*all produce is grown within about 100 miles of DC).  It’s one of the smaller of the Fresh Farm markets in the city, but the farmers have some dank produce, bread, and meat.  I’m going to make a habit of going every Saturday with a $10 bill and seeing what I can get.

This week, I spent 8$ on: fresh okra, 2 sweet onions, 3 cubanelle peppers, and one head of purple cabbage.

Look out for what I do with these things.  The okra is not pictured because I fried it and forgot to document the whole thing!  It’s ok though, they weren’t very photogenic (but delicious!).


One response to “Farmers Market Loot (week of July 13)

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