Vacation Part One: Rehoboth Beach

Margaret and I spent the last week on vacation.  It surely was much needed.  The first part of vacation found the both of us sharing a rental house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with our friends Ryan and Maura (Sat. July 26 – Wed. morning July 30).  The house itself was spectacular.  It had no A/C but it was designed for maximum ventilation and airflow with screen windows and porches.  The house backed up to a nature preserve and a salt water canal.  It’s prime location put us at a 3 minute walk to a private strip of beach.

When not sunbathing, we were eating.  Constantly.  I don’t have many pictures of the amazing grilled treats that were cooked up, but I’ll hook my faithful readers up with a gratuitous Weber grill shot and a picture of the wonderful paella that Maura cooked up the last night Margaret and were there.  The paella contained rice (of course), red pepper, shrimp, clams, and scallops.  It was pretty much cooked entirely on the grill.  A solid garlic aioli was the accompaniment.


2 responses to “Vacation Part One: Rehoboth Beach

  1. I’ve never seen a square paella dish but regardless of shape, anything with roasted red peppers, shrimp and clams has got to be deee-lee-shious!

  2. It’s a cheap lasagna pan we bought at the grocery store since we were at the beach sans a proper paella vessel. It worked though!

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