Where the Buffalo Roam

I have no real recipe posts to make this week.  I haven’t tried any new and daring cuisine lately, but this upcoming Labor Day weekend will find me alone in the kitchen with plenty of time.  Surely, there will be posts to come from that.

I just wanted to write briefly about this fascination I’ve had lately.  I’ve been cooking a lot of bison for protein in my dishes.  Bison has been lauded for its health benefits.  Key among them are less calories, greater amount of protein than beef, and very little fat.  The bison I’ve been cooking has make some excellent burgers, tacos, and any other thing you would normally cook with ground beef.  It’s also affordable.  My local Harris Teeter sells the ground wonder at 4.99$ per lb (look for it in your grocers’ frozen meat section).

I was like a kid in a candy store this weekend while shopping at the Dupont Circle farmers market for the first time.  The Cibola Farm Stand was exactly what I was looking for.  They had bison butchered any which way you can imagine not to mention it’s also natural and free range.  The prices were also very reasonable.  I made off with a big stack of buffalo burgers and some buffalo jerky.

One thing to note if you decide to cook up some bison; it is incredibly lean.  It cooks fast and like ground turkey, it dries out incredibly fast.  Burgers and steaks should be cooked no longer than medium rare.  Period.  You’ll end up with something not so juicy and not so good.

I’ll report back when I fire up these buffalo quarter pounders.


2 responses to “Where the Buffalo Roam

  1. come on Kyle, America has already brought the buffalo to near extinction once. Maybe we shouldn’t chance it again.

  2. this is all sustainably farmed, my friend.

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