BBQ, Football, and all the fixins

To celebrate Clemson’s first game of the football season, I smoked a pork shoulder outside on the Weber for 7 hours.  I decided to wake up at 6am (I wanted the afternoon to watch football!) and throw on the beastly 9 pound boston butt roast.  The setup was fairly simple.  One side of the grill needs hot charcoal and woodchips that have been soaked in water.  The other side of the grill needs an aluminum pan to catch the drippings.  The roast goes over the side with the aluminum pan, and then you cover the grill.  A few hot coals and woodchips need to added every hour.  Once the pork reached an internal temperature of 190 degrees, I took it off the grill, let it rest for an hour, and then I shredded it.  Once shredded, it made about 3 pounds of meat.

It turned out better than I expected, and my guests ate it up.  I also served it with some homemade baked beans, slaw, pickles, and white bread.

Lets not talk about the Clemson game…


3 responses to “BBQ, Football, and all the fixins

  1. Hmmm, looks pretty good. Sounds like your smoking experience was more successful than mine 🙂 Was the black outside crusty or was the texture more like chicken skin?

  2. This BBQ was so freaking good. The outside was so crusty and so freaking delicious. The beans also blew my mind. I wish you would do this every weekend.

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