Five Good Wines

I haven’t blogged about wine at all, so I want to throw this one out there for my readers.  I drink a fair amount of wine, and I always like to try new things, so it’s very rare that I buy the same wine over and over again.  Having said that, there are a few bottles that I turn to consistently in a pinch.  Whether to give as a gift, bring to a dinner party, or to kick back with a good meal, these wines are winners for me.  They are all reasonably priced as well and widely available in your local mega mart.  In no particular order:

Gabbiano, 2005 Chianti:  This wine was one of my first loves.  Its got a soft taste with just enough chianti dryness that will go over well with almost any palette.  It lends it self well to pasta and pizza.  Approximately 8$ per bottle.  Italian.

Robert Mondavi, Private Selection, Pinot Noir: I was recently introduced to this wine at the wedding of Shana and Taylor.  It’s very light.  It’s also a very versatile wine that will go over well at any dinner party or anytime you just want to have a glass while snacking on something.  Approximately 12$ per bottle.  California.

Trapiche, Oak Cask Malbec: This one is a pretty heavy wine.  It’s got a nice purple tinge to the color and a super oaky aroma and taste.  I reserve this one for heavy red meat consumption.  Great to slog down while chewing up a beefy steak or some hearty sausage.  Approximately 9$ per bottle.  South America (Chile?).

Red Guitar, Tempranillo: This might be my favorite of the five.  This wine presents a mild and pleasing taste and offers itself for a wide variety of foods.  My favorite way to enjoy this wine is with a good sandwich or juicy burger.  It would also be the perfect compliment to any southern pulled pork.  Pack this one in your picnic basket.  It’s a winner every time.  Approximately 9$ per bottle.  Spain.

Georges Dubeof, Beaujolais Nouveau: Ok.  Wine critics all pan this as a marketing ploy, but I still find merit in this very limited release.  Every November to celebrate the harvest, French wine makers release a nouveau style wine.  All this means is that the wine is made from grapes (Gamay grapes) that have been harvested and fermented right away.  The result is a crisp, fruity red wine.  It’s usually only available for about 6 weeks beginning in late November, so stock up while you can.  It makes a great Christmas present, and it always finds it way onto the Thanksgiving and other holiday dinner tables.  Approximately 10$ per bottle.  France.

Ok, so there you have it.  Notice, all of these wines are red.  I don’t know much about white wine, so I don’t really drink it.  My limited exposure to good white wines came while living in Rome, Italy.  I need to branch out, but I really don’t know where to start.  I’m also not an expert on anything wine.  I’m just recommending what I prefer.  If you want to read a blog from someone who works with wine every day, I turn you to my friend, Mr. Thomas H. Salley.  **Note, This blogger doesn’t really talk much about wine.  He just works with it**


2 responses to “Five Good Wines

  1. These are good selections. Thanks for the props. I haven’t actually blogged about wine yet either, but it is coming, I promise.

    The Gabbiano is a consistent fav through 2006; however, I just tried the 2007. It is good, but not if you are expecting Chianti. This wine tastes more like a New World Sangiovese, or a lower percentage blend(Chianti has to be at least 75% Sangiovese) with something like Merlot. It is too rich and smooth. Again, not a bad wine, just be warned that it does not, in my opinion, reflect Chianti like past vintages.

    The Mondavi Pinot is also a good choice. You’re not going to find a better, consistent Pinot unless you cross into the $25-$30 threshold. Who wants to do that?

    I had the Trapiche once and I really enjoyed it. A not-too-over-the-top New World expression of Malbec. I believe it comes from Mendoza, Argentina.

    We’ll need to review some wines together!

  2. Haven’t tried the new Gabbiano yet. Reviewing wine together is a good idea. It gives me an excuse to drink more.

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