I’m back. Sort of.

I just found out that my roommate has a card reader for digital cameras, so I can get back to taking pictures and posting them on this site.  I know you all have been dying to hear from me.

Anyway, since I didn’t know of the existence of said card reader, I had not been taking any pictures 😦  I promise to be better at documenting my culinary endeavors, so my dedicated readers can fill their lunch hours with joy and websurfing.  Attached is a picture of my old pizza making attempts.  Hopefully this will hold everyone over until I can think of stuff to blog about.  Also enjoy the tiny snow man I constructed on top of my car.  I was very productive during my snow day away from the office.

Stay dry.




2 responses to “I’m back. Sort of.

  1. nice. that pizza looks awesome.

  2. I have sorely missed your blogging…glad to see you’re back at it.

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