Cube Steak

The New York Times did a great piece on a recession friendly piece of meat, the cube steak.  Cube steaks are a darling of southern cooking, so after reading the article, I became a bit nostalgic for a this wonderful slice of pierced round slathered in some sort of gravy.  I decided to try out the braised cube steak recipe that’s listed in the article.  The recipe is from Gillian Clark, noted southern chef located in the DC area.  This recipe was super simple and definitely affordable.  The total cost of the ingredients (pantry items like oil, flour, salt, and pepper aside) was about $5.  The instant I tasted the thick brown onion gravy, memories began to flood in (some good, some not so good) of the cube steaks of my past.  I bought about 3 packages of cube steak when I was at the store (I couldn’t resist at $2.50 a package), so I’m eager to try some variations on the tried and true Southern style.



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