A feast in honor of St. Patrick

For the upcoming day to celebrate St. Patrick, I took advantage of grocery store specials and made an Irish style feast.  Corned beef brisket (point cut) was down to $.99 per pound, and cabbage was basically free this weekend.  I simmered the corned beef in water and spices for about 4 hours until it was fork tender.  The cabbage got sauteed down (after a 30 minute salting to squeeze out some moisture) for 15 minutes in some olive oil with onions.  Lauren provided some serious mashed potatoes and biscuits (not Irish, I know).  All in all, it was a solid attempt at a hearty Irish meal; all that was missing was a leprechaun and a pot of gold.  Check back later in the week because I’m going to treat the leftover corned beef the only way it should be treated…diced and put to use in a good corned beef hash.



2 responses to “A feast in honor of St. Patrick

  1. All I wanna know is where da gold at?

  2. Could be a crack head

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