Southern Fare: Biscuits and Gravy

I’ve been meaning to write a post about this dish for quite a while.  There is nothing, and I repeat nothing, more comforting than a good buttermilk biscuit.  The perfect complement to said biscuit is sausage gravy.  For my biscuits, I follow Alton Brown’s recipe to a T.  It makes about 5 large biscuits (I’m talking, large enough to make a porkchop on a biscuit sandwich with).  The recipe utilizes both butter and shortening as the fat sources which gives it that oh so wonderful texture, sheen, and flavor.  Of course, any good southerner will tell you that true biscuits don’t need a recipe.  Just take a few cups of White Lily self rising flour, add some butter milk, and a quarter cup of shortening, and your good to go.  Either way, these mother f*ckers need to be baked in a greased cast iron skillet at 450 degrees.

I take a few shortcuts for my gravy, but you would never be able to tell.  This recipe has been a staple in my household for many years.  My mother got it from a friends of hers.  It’s been served on countless Sunday mornings pre-mass at church.  Rather than make a roux with the sausage drippings and adding milk, I opt for adding two cans of cream of mushroom (condensed) soup to a sauce pan.  Once the soup begins to spread out and get warm, I add a half a cup or so of water to thin it out a bit.  Once this comes to a simmer, add in some browned breakfast sausage and 4 or 5 chopped up hard-boiled eggs.  Let this bubble away until you get your desired consistency.  Season with salt and lots of pepper to taste.  This gravy is enough to coat 6-8 biscuits.  I know, you’re probably sneering at the cream of mushroom soup.  Don’t.  It’s better than your milk gravy.  I promise.




3 responses to “Southern Fare: Biscuits and Gravy

  1. If I ate that before going to church, there’s a 99.9% chance I’d sleep through it.

    Those are some damn fine-looking biscuits. Well done.

  2. I’m sure I usually drifted off into a biscuit coma during most of the service.

    Man. I could eat those things every day.

  3. looks like a good poop waiting to happen!

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