2nd Annual Low Country Boil

Last Saturday was the 2nd annual low country boil here at the A ST house in DC.  Overall, the party was a success.  I believe there were about 32-36 people in attendance.  Since this is a food blog, I’ll focus on the good eats.  I went with the traditional South Carolina ingredients: sausage, corn, potatoes, and shrimp.  I used smoked beef sausage to accommodate the non pork eaters.  I was able to find some fresh SC shrimp at the Maine Avenue Fish Market in DC as well.  I was shocked that there was leftover food, but here are the amounts that I went with:

20 lbs of red potatoes

35 mini ears of corn

10 lbs fresh SC shrimp

12 lbs of smoked beef sausage

I halved the potatoes and put them in the bottom of my large outdoor cooker pot.  I filled the pot halfway with water and then added the seasonings.  For the seasonings, I used about 1.5 cups of Old Bay, 5 tablespoons of cayenne pepper, 3 lemons cut in half, two onions cut in half, and about 50 black peppercorns.  Once people began pouring into the shin dig, I fired up the cooker.  It took the pot about 15 minutes to get boiling.  Once up to a boil, I removed the lid and let the potatoes go for 10 minutes.  I then added in the sausage (cut into 1.5 inch chunks).  This boiled for 3 minutes.  Then I added the corn.  3 more minutes.  Last but certainly best, the fresh shrimp went in.  My pot was about to overflow, so I had to do the shrimp in batches.  The shrimp just needed contact with the hot water for 2 minutes until they become pink.  You do not want overcooked shrimp at all.  After the crustaceans were ready, the pot was drained in a strainer and dumped onto a newspaper covered table.  Good eating commenced.   Everything turned out well and perfectly seasoned.  Accompaniments were corn bread, lemons, hot sauce, cocktail sauce, and Old Bay.  Oh, and tons of cookies.

For next year’s get together, I plan on scaling back on the potatoes (5 lbs less) and increasing the amount of corn and sausage.  At the end of the night, everyone was full, satisfied, and slightly inebriated thanks to a massive amount of National Bohemian.  Definitely the best way to kick off the spring.




One response to “2nd Annual Low Country Boil

  1. Glad to see you representing NC with the Texas Pete. Where’s the Uncle Brutha’s though?

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