Monthly Archives: May 2009


I’m still on a bit of a baking kick, but rather that toil away this weekend on some more bagels, I took it easy and tried my hand at some raisin scones.  Scones are really easy to create, and they take almost no time at all.  They essentially are just sweet southern biscuits.  They are prepared in the same manner, but a different fat profile is used (butter rather than shortening, heavy cream in stead of butter milk).  I used this here recipe.  They turned out damn good.  Nice and sweet with that buttery, flaky inside.  Mmmm.  I’m definitely going to experiment with this and see where it takes me.  When blueberries come into full season, it’s on.



Memorial Day eating

This is a bit late, but I thought that I should share.  For Memorial Day, the Weber was fired up and some delicious, home ground burgers hit the hot grates.  Along with the meat action, some serious farmer’s market asparagus and a mean cous cous salad hit the plate.  After reading the NY Times profile of Sriracha, I was inspired to dress up my burgers with a sriracha mayo.  It was a stellar choice and said condiment will definitely be making future appearances at my cookouts.


Bagels again

I ate all the bagels that I made the first time around, so I needed to whip up some more.  This time, I used the highly acclaimed Peter Reinhart recipe as described here.  Making these bagels is a two day epic process, but damn.  Damn.  DAMN.  The results are worth it.  I made cinnamon raisin bagels.  While it takes about 3lbs of bread flour for a batch, you get 16 amazingly delicious bagels.  Crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside.  And of course, still drastically cheaper than store bought varieties.  If there is one thing that I’ve learned through all of this recent baking, it’s that I could really use a kitchen aid stand mixer.  Kneading bread dough by hand is fun and all for like 2 minutes, but then it gets really old and tedious.  Maybe one day…

I think I’m definitely going to stick with this recipe as my standard bagel prep.  Next time, I’ll focus more on shaping the bagels so they aren’t so ugly.


Bagel Time

I used to not be much into making food that requires yeast, rising, dough, etc., but as of late, I’ve been bitten hard by the baker’s bug.  There is a distinct sense of satisfaction that I get producing a good loaf of bread or pizza dough.  You save money like woah and it almost always tastes better than the store bought alternative.  Over the past six months or so, I’ve been eating bagels every morning for breakfast, so I decided to give bagels at home a try.  All in all, it was pretty easy.  I chose this recipe as my first foray into making bagels.  It doesn’t require much flour, nor does it require an over night fermantation.  The bagels turned out really good, but they weren’t perfect.  I think next time, I’m going to experiment with a different recipe that requires double the volume of flour and an overnight proof.  These bagels came out a bit small, but damn, are they flavorful.  And for about $2 worth of ingredients, I have bagels for the next two weeks.